Jacob Karlzon Solo


For several years now, Karlzon has also been playing acclaimed solo concerts on international stages. 

And few are as technically skilled as the classically trained Karlzon, few are recognizable after a few notes, few love live improvisation so much and few go on such a consistent foray through pop and rock realms.
On stage he will demonstrate this not only with titles from his recently released album "Wanderlust", but with a cross-section of his music. 

In doing so, he enjoys the enormous freedom to react to impulses of the moment - whether these are his own ideas, the atmosphere of the concert hall or even just a stirring of the audience.
After playing for many years with the self-image of a full-blooded jazz player who was primarily concerned with expressive solos, Karlzon today is increasingly inspired by the idea of having to remain true to the basic idea of a song, a composition. 

At the same time, he is fascinated by the typical timbres of classical piano music with their conclusiveness and consistency. His programme ranges from jazz and improvisation to concerts where he uses the work of classical composers like Ravel, Debussy and Tchaikowsky as vehicles for improvisation, always adding  the individual touch to it that makes his style so distinctive.
The result is a spontaneous solo improvisation that gives the audience a fascinating evening.



Jacob Karlzon - Four Elements

Release June 14 2024, Nilento True

”Four Elements" is an improvised suite by pianist , composer and Steinway Artist Jacob Karlzon. The album is another fruit of a unique collaboration spanning decades between Jacob Karlzon and acknowledged producer and sound designer Lars Nilsson at Nilento Studio in Gothenburg. The suite consists of four independent pieces, inspired and named by the four elements "Water", ”Fire”, ”Air” and ”Earth”.

Jacob Karlzon's upcoming album which will be out on Nilento Records’ concept “Nilento True” is based on the authenticity of expression, presence and energy of the creative process. 
For each single there is a video filmed in Nilento Studio capturing the true feeling of the music.