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Steinway's Lunch Concerts 

Dear all,

I hope you are well in these challenging times.
Since playing concerts for you isn't an option for the time being, I'm inviting you to a short (almost) live-experience through Steinway's website.
I'm playing a version of my song "Flowers From The Sky" that I hope you'll enjoy.
Happy to be part of this series of home-concerts in such a great company.


Can't wait to play live for you. Until then, take care!



Dear all,

I hope you are as good as ever possible in these strange times.
Now I'm based at home, working on certain things I didn't have time for before and having a very important and developing time with my beloved wife Kristina.

Like so many other artists, musicians and performers, all planned activities for me have been paused.
I was on tour with Dominic Miller when we started to see the consequences of the Corona-outbreak in Europe and unfortunately the shows in Bulgaria, Romania, UK, Belgium and Germany had to be cancelled / postponed.
I'm truly grateful for the time I spent with these amazing musicians on and off stage, even if it was for a shorter time than expected. When the conditions changed as we went along, I thought of how every day, hour, minute and second counts. I'm truly privileged to play music, surrounded by fantastic people on stage and communicating through a language that knows no borders. To travel from one country to another to play a new show for a new audience is a quite amazing thing you easily get addicted to. When not being able to do this, it becomes clear how precious this is to me and how important you all are as an audience who actually plan your evening by getting a baby-sitter to have the possibility to see the concert or going to a bar before to meet a friend before going to the show.
I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your support in going to concerts and buying albums.  
You are all contributing to the inspiration we need to do what we do. 

On purpose, I haven't changed the tour-schedule on this website since we yet don't  know when we'll be allowed to get together again, going to concerts, restaurants, theaters, cinemas etc. I hope we'll all come out of this as soon as possible, stronger and a bit wiser than before. This whole thing teaches us that we need each other need to meet for social hangs and gather for events that fulfill us. 

There might be some streamed concert from my side and I'll of course let you know about this in good time. It won't be the same without you in the same room but hopefully we'll soon share the power generated from the energy we create together.

Stay healthy and safe.


Fade out, fade in. 

Dear all,

As this year slips into a new one and a new decade is about to start, I just want to say a big thank you to all who came to my concerts, bought the album(s) and supported my work.
A lot of fantastic things happened in 2019 and 2020 will include touring in, for me, new territories as well as new collaborations.

I wish you wonderful, relaxed holidays and good health in 2020. 
Hope to see you at the upcoming shows.

All the best,

Double Time, Hameln 

Just back from the opening show(s) at the brand new club "Double Time" in Hameln.

What was supposed to be one show to open the club with a solo-concert turned out to be three because of high demand.
A truly amazing experience in every way with fantastic people and a wonderful atmosphere in the club! Even though the place is brand new, it already has such a soul.
In days like this, it's very rare that you find these initiatives with all the time, money and energy it takes to open up a venue for this kind of music. Thanks to the amazing people behind it and their passion and commitment, there is now a beautiful place to play in Hameln.
Check it out!


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